Block rat
Fire escape ladder
Plastic bags
Herringbone ladder
Telescopic ladder
Boarding ladder
Electric hydraulic lifting platform
Import electric lift
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     Dongguan Ludwig Automation Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in a beautiful environment Songshan Lake area , located Hugang speed between Songshan Lake Avenue and Zhang Wan Road . The company is a planning , design, production , sales and service of high-tech enterprise, specializing in laboratory test equipment ( life testing , physical testing , environmental testing , functional testing , etc. ) and plastic spray automation equipment, logistics and transportation automation equipment, non-standard automated production equipment and surrounding ancillary tooling , while providing technical advice, technical training, technology development and other services.
High strength aluminum alloy ladder
Custom ladder (aluminum alloy / insulation)
High quality insulation ladder
Scaffolding (aluminum alloy / insulation)
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